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The Warden of Wickwood

Wickwood Cover.jpg

Breeze Chadwick's family knows what it's like to be broke. Since she was born, they have been evicted from an apartment, lived in their car for too many nights to count, and have most recently crammed their family of four into a tiny two-bedroom apartment in St. Paul. 

When her father inherits the estate of his estranged Uncle Alex, he presses Breeze and her brother, Bryce, into service for the summer. Together they work to get an old house and a large tract of old-growth forest near the town of Grimmwick, Minnesota, ready to sell.

While working on the property, Breeze encounters Puck, an impish girl in the woods who has been using her powers of illusion to undermine their work. After Breeze starts to see through the tricks, Puck reveals the secrets of the forest and shows her the danger of her father's plans. Soon, Breeze has to make a decision—does she help her father realize his dream of a big payday and security for his entire family, or does she work with Puck to save the forest, upon which everything else depends?

"Explore the secrets of the forest alongside Breeze Chadwick and her new friend, Puck, the protector of the trees. This story evokes the importance of stewardship of the environment and demonstrates that while wealth is nice to have, there are greater priorities. Ruefman intertwines fantasy and adventure within our tangible, contemporary world. A must read for all kids!" 

-- Dana Storino, author of The Golden Bee

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