Sleep Bringer


This volume of poetry addresses themes of fatherhood, child loss, and the quest for healing in a dangerous world. Follow the journey of one man, as he becomes the "awkward giant" he once saw in his father, while he is rocking his newborn son to sleep. When one of his twin sons dies at birth, he becomes disillusioned at the staggering lack of empathy in the world around him as he reacts to the "faux consolation of at least you have one," and he considers the white noise of a broken society that is "lulling us all to sleep." 

Breathe Automatic 


Ruefman's debut chapbook interrogates the personal and cultural histories, opening wounds in the hopes that he might more effectively suture his wounds. From his reflections on his first experience holding a dead man's head as a child, to the thoughts sparked by the scarred land of an oil boom town a century after the bust, this collection seeks to "share the truths of how our lives are woven, torn and mended," reminding us that sometimes the best thing we can do is to breathe. 


Applied Pedagogies: Strategies for Online Writing Instruction 


This collection of academic essays examines the pedagogical practices employed by successful writing instructors in digital classrooms at a variety of institutions and provides research-grounded approaches to online writing instruction. Co-edited by Daniel Ruefman and Abigail Scheg, this practical text supports instructors as they seek to employ the best instructional strategies possible for today's dynamic and diverse digital writing courses. 


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