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The Covid-19 Quarantine is having an effect on all of us. Unfortunately, it looks as if I might not be able to perform two of my scheduled events for National Poetry Month--a reading and Q&A at Chippewa Valley Technical College in River Falls, WI and one at the River Falls Public Library.

However, as an associate member of the Academy of American Poets, I want to show my support for the #ShelterInPoems social media event. Therefore, once each week, I'll be posting a reading from one of my poems on YouTube and Twitter.

Give them a listen and stay tuned for my Live Stream reading--coming soon!

The first poem I decided to share was a three-part poem called "Broken." This poem was largely therapeutic for me. In 2016, we lost one of my twin sons at birth. The well meaning people around me often made things worse in the days that followed. This poem is featured in my newest collection, SLEEP BRINGER (2019).

The second poem I shared this month was "Spring Again (at age 8)." In it, I try to recall what spring was like for me growing up. This poem has been previously published in Sheila-Na-Gig Online (Winter 2018), and later appeared in my collection, SLEEP BRINGER (2019).

More poems to come in the weeks to come. I hope you enjoy them. Until next time, good health, and I'll see you online!

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