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Virtual Poetry Workshop: River Falls Public Library

A few hours ago, we just completed the first of four Virtual Poetry Workshop Sessions, hosted online by the River Falls Public Library in River Falls, Wisconsin. It was a fun start and fostered some interesting conversation toward the end.

If you would like to hear my introduction (longer than anticipated) and get oriented, feel free to check out the archived session via YouTube:

The second session is scheduled for 3:00 PM (Central Time). We will begin by having participants share poems or something about their writing experience at the beginning of the session. Toward the end, I'll shift to the second assignment, which will delve into the subjects of imagery and voice in the context of our COVID Quarantine poems.

You may access our virtual workshop session via Go To Meeting by CLICKING HERE.

You do not need to subscribe to Go To Meeting, nor will you be asked for any fees at all. This Virtual Poetry Workshop is a community service offered by myself, in conjunction with the River Falls Public Library.

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